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Safe Bus Stops

I am a person with disabilities and I think a major improvement to the fixed route bus system for disabled community members who must or want to travel during night time hours or on cloudy, rainy days would be bus stops that are well lit but don't require electricity for lighting. Lights for night time security lighting should be provided by solar power batteries at the top of the bus shelter. Special solar powered batteries and lights should be mounted on the bus stop sign next to the shelter at a certain height that the approaching bus would send out a signal that would activate this light(s) to let the driver know there are people waiting to board the bus at that stop. Such lighting would be especially useful at stops used by a lot of persons with disabilities and seniors. The cost would be less than the cost of conventional power and would conserve energy, opening up more funding to go into the transit agencies bus operation funds and improve system wide service. This needs to be part of a complete safe streets initiative that includes sidewalks with wide wheelchair cuts; crossing signals with wheelchair accessible, large buttons that can be pushed with little effort; sound messages and visual cues that let people know how much time they have to cross the street; and an announcement at the bus stop that lets people who arrive there know what direction the bus will be going, what main stops it will make, and how soon the next bus will arrive.



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