Way-finding and crowd sourcing

The conceptual idea that I have had in my head for a long time now would assist individuals with mobility issues in knowing what paths to take and the like to get to/from a fixed route bus stop, and could even be extended to travel in general regardless if it has to do with public transportation.


The idea is a crowd-sourced application on mobile devices that allows someone to start relaying their position via GPS when they are walking to/from a bus stop. Then after the trip is made the user can go back and view the trip on a map that allows the user to make notes on how ADA Accessible the route they just took was. An example of this would be, two points on the map and between these points the label would state **No Sidewalks,** and also different segments of the route cuold also be rated on a star scale for quicker viewing later on.


Once an individual is finished logging the accessibility of the paths they just took they submit them and then when someone logs into the app and needs to take a trip from one address to another they can cycle through the options and sort which path of travel would be the most accessible. Once a path of travel is selected it could also pull up a navigation option that helps them along the way to their bus stop.


I brought the star rating into play since in my community it seems there are times when we do have sidewalks along a street but they may not be up to ADA standards so technically the path would be accessible to wheelchairs but not fully up to ADA standards.


From working as the mobility manager for my community for over a year now I have talked with many individuals who were disappointed that there wasn't a better way to determine beforehand if a path of travel to a bus stop was ADA Accessible, and this is where I have grown this idea from.


I believe this could be built fairly easily and since it is "crowd-sourced" meaning all data that is held within the app is provided by the consumers; the more it is used by the community the more beneficial it can be.


There are also other availabilities that I could see this "back-end" data being used for; such as, the municipality using the input routes to see which ones are traversed the most to help the decision process as to what pedestrian areas need to be improved.


I know there are numerous apps that are crowd-sourced and deal with ADA accessible restaurants, stores etc.. but I don't believe there is a crowd sourced application that deals with ADA accessibility and paths of travel to/from bus stops.



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