Examples of technologies to help make transportation more accessible for people with visual, cognitive, mobile, or hearing disabilities

We are looking for ideas to help us create new apps and devices to help people with disabilities travel. The type of ideas we are looking for would be new, never seen before advances in technology.

Dream big!

Think about challenges that you or someone you know may face every day while traveling, to work, to the store, to a friend’s house etc. If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for? Here are some examples and questions to explain the types of ideas we are looking for.

Trip Planning and Navigation

• What are some of the difficulties that might occur for people with disabilities when planning their trip?

• Could you find information about all transportation choices available?

• Would this information include complete information about fees, schedules, and accommodations?

• Would you know if the pathways to that transportation are accessible for people with disabilities?

En route Travel Support

• What would you change about the current personal navigation devices, like a GPS and phone apps with maps and locations on them?

• Is there something that would make it easier to reach a transit stop? Cross streets? Know when your stop is next?

• Is there a device or app that would help you communicate with your family or others who are not traveling with you? Would it be helpful for this device to share your location with others?

• What types of apps or devices would be helpful in an emergency?

Personal Mobility

• Are there new things that devices or apps could do to help people with disabilities operate personal vehicles?

• Are there improvements to existing vehicles, technology, apps or devices that currently assist with personal vehicle operation?

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